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Coconut Flour | How to make Desiccated Coconut


Homemade Desiccated Coconut Flour

homemade coconut flour from desiccated coconut

Recipe Notes

Let's see how to prepare coconut powder at home. When you have extra coconuts at home, you can make desiccated coconut. We have already seen how to seperate the coconut from the shell, link will be in the description. After removing coconut from the shell, grate off the dark exterior skin with a grater or knife. Removing the skin will make the powder white or else it will be dark. The powder could be made without peeling off skin also. Even if the coconut pieces are small we can grate the skin. Cut the coconut into small pieces. Put these pieces into a blender and powder them. This powder will have more moisture, we have to remove the moisture now. To remove moisture, heat a pan with thick base. This will prevent the powder from burning easily. Fry the powdered coconut on low flame. Stir and fry till it becomes dry. Cut off the stove, let it cool down and store in a dry container. This powder will stay fresh for long if put in fridge.

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