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Oats Dates Lassi Recipe

Oats Dates Lassi


Everyone likes Oats Dates Lassi Summer Special Drink, here is the simple step by step process to make it. For more  Sweets & Dessert Recipe , follow our website Hyderabadi Ruchulu.

Today let’s see how to make healthy Oats Dates Lassi


Since No sugar is required in this recipe, Its very healthy recipe

If 1 cup oats are used, then we will need only 1 cup of dates

Dates will be source of sweetness for this recipe and therefore sugar is not required.

Then add ice cubes to this recipe along with milk to the oats and let them soak for 10 minutes

Remove the seeds of dates and chop them into thin slices

Add 3-4 cardamoms in the recipe which will enhance the taste

Then add the soaked oats long with milk to a blender

Also add, chopped dates, cardamom and grind it into a paste

Then add ice cubes along with 1 cup of curd and blend it

Sugar can be added for better sweetness

Alternatively Honey or jaggery can be used instead of sugar, Here I didn’t add any of them

Then Pour it into a serving glass and garnish with honey and dry fruits




(1) Curd/ Yogurt – 1 Cup

(2) Milk – 1 Cup

(3) Oats – 1 Cup

(4) Dates – 1 cup

(5) Ice Cubes


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