Ragi Laddu | Finger Millets Laddu Recipe

How to make Ragi Laddu

Calcium rich Ragi Laddu or Finger Millets Laddu loaded with dry fruits is an excellent energy booster. Weak kids and adults can get healthy within a week.

Recipe Notes


1. Finger Millets Flour - 2 Cups

2. Grated Jaggery - 1 Cup

3. Clarified Butter (Ghee) - 1/2 Cup

4. Cashew nuts

5. Almonds


  • How to make Ragi Laddu 

We already know the advantages of including finger millets in our diet. We saw how to cook finger millets soup, finger millets roti and finger millets java. Let's see how to make  Ragi Laddu ot finger millets laddu.

For 2 cups finger millets flour, we will need 1 cup jaggery. If more sweetness is desired, 1 1/2 cup jaggery could be used.

Let's fry dry fruits first

Heat 2 teaspoons clarified butter (ghee).

Fry chopped cashew nuts and almonds. Other dry fruits like raisins could be added.

After they start to change colour, move them into a different plate.

Fry finger millets flour next

Heat 2 teaspoons clarified butter (ghee).

Add finger millets flour and fry on low flame

Fry till it gives out a nice aroma

Frying for 10 minutes on low flame would be sufficient

After it starts to change colour, move it into a different plate.

Powder the jaggery. Grate it or powder it in a mixie jar

Let's add the jaggery to a mixie jar

Grind lightly or the jaggery will become a paste

Add this powdered jaggery to the finger millets flour when it is warm

Mix the jaggery and finger millets flour so that no lumps are formed

Cardamom powder for flavour could be added here

Add fried cashew nuts and almonds

Add 2-3 tablespoons clarified butter (ghee) and mix. This is to make the laddu stay solid.

Milk instead of clarified butter (ghee) could be used, but clarified butter (ghee) improves the taste and makes the laddus last for a longer time

Check by making balls periodically so that the laddus don't break off. Add more clarified butter (ghee) if necessary

Roll the flour into tightly wounded laddus

These laddus could be stored for 15-20 days

Tasty finger millet laddus are ready to serve!


Ragi laddu or ragi ladoo (Finger Millet Balls), sharing a healthy sweet treat with you all. Ragi is known as red millet or finger millet in English. High in absorbable calcium, iron and fiber. It is commonly used in south India for ages to make many dishes like rotti, malt or porridge, instant dosa and biscuit.



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