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How to Store Mangoes | Mango Storage Tips


Everybody like mangoes. But, they are available only in summer season. Let’s see how to store mangoes so that we can use them in off-season also. For more tips and kitchen hacks, follow our website Hyderabadi Ruchulu.

Here I will show 3 ways to store the mangoes

Firstly, lets see how to store the mango pieces as it is.

Try using organic, carbide free mangoes

Wash them properly with water and dry them off

Peel the washed mangoes and cut them into pieces of desired size

Spread them out in a plate and arrange them in a way that they don’t overlap or are crowded too much

Cover the plate with plastic wrap

This wrap will prevent the ice from forming over the pieces

Silver foil also could be used to cover the mango pieces

Put the plate in the freezer for 3-4 hours

Let’s see how to store mango puree now

Add the mango pieces to a blender

Even the blender has to be free of moisture for the mango to stay fresh for a long time

Then grind the mango pieces into a soft paste

Then, pour out this mango puree into a bowl

This prepared mango puree can be stored in two ways

Firstly, take an ice tray and fill it with the puree

Clean the edges and cover this ice try with a cling wrap

This wrap will prevent the ice from forming over the puree

Put the tray in the freezer for 4-5 hours

Then move the cubes into a box.

Here, use small sized boxes to store the cubes

If you are planning to use this frozen mango for a long time, writing date on them would prove helpful

Close lid and freeze for 4-5 hours

The mango pieces are frozen solid now

To save space, you can use zip lock covers also

Put the cubes in the zip lock bags and seal the covers without air in it

Then, put them in the freezer again

Take as much as needed and freeze the rest

The cubes can be used for 2-3 months

Let’s see the ones in ice tray

Use freezer friendly  zip lock covers to store these also

Here, any container could be used, but using a zip lock cover will save space

Now, take as many as needed and freeze the rest

Let’s see the puree stored in box

This puree is frozen now

These can be used for 6-8 months

Try using only small containers to store these, since storing them in a big container means that they will be de-frosted and frozen again and again while using which will increase the chances of the mango spoiling early

Using small containers will prove beneficial later on

This mango pure could be used for 6-8 months

Use this frozen mango to make mango juice, mango lassi, etc

For more tips and kitchen hacks, follow our YouTube channel Hyderabadi Ruchulu.

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